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The Flower Programme is an initiative that supports empowerment for not only a selected group of
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Kızlar Sahada is an amateur soccer festival catering to women of all ages.
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Women in Turkey get empowered to create new and exciting business opportunities to improve their
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White Marguee is not only known business at the same time innovative organization .
تستخدم جمعية B-Fit
Turkish Women's International Network is a story telling platform for women to enable the exchang
B-Fit uses a unique for-profit model that combines access to sports and entrepreneurship as vehic
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Canımız Kampüste breaks the silence on harassment and gender-based violence.
We are working on an arts based empathy-building training for school counselors.
SMETRICS is an organization that collects and processes quantitative data on SMEs in order to iss
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Micro-net Business Portal Project aims to support low-income women in improving their entrepreneu
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Within the framework of the project; the mothers of the mentally disabled children produces acces
An atelier is established to produce soap with local “bittim” oil by women in Mardin.
BIKAD Kitchen/Cafe is a small business run by women.
University educated young women in Turkey are in a favorable situation to make lasting economic a
b-fit offers 30 minutes exercise program for only women for affordable prices in order to make ex