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My solution is geared towards creating a paradigm shift in the fast food industry from high chole
Unicorn Goods is a thoroughly vetted directory of ethical products that are good for people, anim
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we are all in this together. when one of us wins, we all win.
The Kids Science Challenge (KSC) aims to empower 3rd through 6th graders to discover the fun of S
GLFF would offer an alternative media portal for "green" and "sustainable living" content.
Create a grocery for which all net profits go to nonprofits serving those most desperately in nee
The Learning Room will be a center of environment science learning and civic action that reaches
Our mission is to provide short-term care for pets whose families are temporarily unable to care
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Our project will provide humane education to K-12 students in Santa Cruz County.
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Brain science confirms: Humans are hard-wired at birth to empathize + to cooperate.