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CLARIAS is an innovative canning project.
Le Tendero Partnership is designed to increase food security in Sub Saharan Africa through the tr
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Food For All initiative is a business project which aims at providing quality food to needy consu
This Project is all about Investing in Agricultural Development.
There are thousands of unemployed and consequently poor youths littered in gboko,my farming locat
Freshmarte.com is a mobile internet marketplace that helps rural farmers to directly connect, mar
This project would establish a network of reach-out centers in rural areas aimed at providing loc
For poor women cassava producers in Nigeria who are stuck in vicious cycle of back-breaking labor
Beekeeping provides six products that are capable of generating income, reducing hunger and malnu
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Eco-Discovery is about the Environment and it's well being.
Funds contributed by students while in school to various business cooperatives as shareholders, u
The Sun Barter combines two simple already existing technologies to proffer solution to food loss
FarmBox is a solar-powered fish farm/tank that recycles fish waste water by direction aeration us
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MiF Attacks Poverty Seek to provide a substitute way for a better living for families living belo
There are thousands of unemployed and consequently poor youths littered in gboko,my farming locat
fao.org estimates that there are over 239 million people that are hungry and malnourished in Afri
KITOVU™ is a farmercentric mobile application that uses data from an online database it interacts
This project seeks to establish an agripreneurship training center.
Providing a solution to the problem of malnutrition and the high rate of child mortality.
People in rural Africa are poor and disadvantaged due to factors such as unfair trade, access to