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Azize works with street children of Diyarbakır, whose families were displaced from their villages
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By opening up venues and spaces where children can directly participate and be active agents in d
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SignZone aims to provide on-site sign language interpreting service for the deaf and hard of hea
İnsanların temel düzeydeki ihtiyaçlarını belirleyerek, onlar üzerindeki sürdürebilir bir etkiyle
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The girls in Soma need our help to survive.
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Muzipo Kids seeks to combat childhood obesity by making fitness fun; through the development of b
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Women in Turkey get empowered to create new and exciting business opportunities to improve their
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أطلقت نيبهات أكوك مركز الدعم الشامل للسيدات في جنوب شرق الأناضول، الأكثر فقراً والمنطقة الأكثر قم
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Nebahat Akkoc launched KA-MER, an organization that responds to women's critical needs and increa
ParaDurumu is a financial literacy social initiative started by Özlem Denizmen whose main purpose
Our program is devoted to monitoring children’s early social development by their moms and enhanc
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Our idea is to bring opportunities through technology to the ones who need primary education but
We are working on an arts based empathy-building training for school counselors.
A business and management education including modules such as “Finance & Accounting” and “Acc
SMETRICS is an organization that collects and processes quantitative data on SMEs in order to iss
Without sufficient amount of W/C, an enterprise can not operate its fixed assets efficiently.Our
By providing collateral Project meets SME’s located in villages with credits facilities.The proje
Flying fish lives in Lake Van in which the biggest soda lake in the world.Lake water does not sui