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Poor solid waste management has been a major problem in Nigeria, it is the cause of most health i
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AfricaMetering: the major focus is on GREEN ENERGY, providing an online platform and applications
Beekeeping provides six products that are capable of generating income, reducing hunger and malnu
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Nigeria possesses large expanses of arable land and biodiversity, but majority of its population
This project seeks to establish an agripreneurship training center.
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The coastal and fresh water destinations in Nigeria, and perhaps other part of the world, are ver
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This is a call for action to check-mate the detrimental impact of urbanization on Otamiri River w
My initiative is to use posters, stickers, drawings and paintings to conscientize and sensitize m
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Bee Alive is a club for young girls that seeks to conserve degrading habitats by attaining 30% tr
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