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“Maximizar la educacion y crear independencia.” VAMOS A PROVEER UNA SOLUCION
It is hard to speak about sexual harassment in any community, especially in a closed community li
Today, many special education teachers in Israel are excluded from the computer revolution and un
Microfy's mission is to help Refugees & Asylum seekers to sustain themselves and become econo
Eretz Acheret is building a Media for Peace, changing social discourse by highlighting the vision
We want religious women to actualize themselves intellectually, personally and economically.
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Many Arab women in Israel do not exercise their social rights and forfeit them through non-fulfi
There is no answer to those types of violence experienced by girls, which are rather practiced in
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Photography can be used as a tool in which citizens use the camera to create visual images that c
The solution of our company could save a lot of money worldwide using a very easy procedure and f