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Go Green Global is a campaign initiated by AFOGWAD to help eradicate the climate change ignorance
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The project addresses the entire faecal sludge management chain.
A community engagement project to develop a planning and design solution to the housing challenge
The project will popularize efficient and profitable organic resources in Busia municipality usin
The project is designed with a purpose of enhancing the physiological nourishment of the urban fa
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This project will increase opportunities for marginalized groups to access micro-loans and active
Instead of simply just being sustained or sustainable, A city should ALSO positively give back to
This solution will directly enable SMEs to participate in the equity investments.
'Football For Life' is a landmark charitable grassroots project which brings joy into the lives o
Purchasing fuel efficient clay stoves for use and training among women will provide a huge benefi
Provision of Non-Formal basic Education to disadvantaged children and youth in the poor urban are
The goal of Green Anhui’s water sanitation program is to provide a solution to the pollution prob
Thousand of our community members uses their land for two or three seasons only, there they will