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HerFloor is an all-in-one marketplace for women to buy and sell products or services, share exper
Clean Energy Lending is a turnkey solution to tackling multiple SDGs.
Women are capacitated to become market players.
The establishment of Non-IT training center for those deprived girls who have no business skills,
Creating a positive counter narrative and introducing victimized women to values and hopes for th
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Shad Begum formed Anjuman Behbood Khawateen Talash (ABKT) to build a grassroots women’s movement
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Through setting up WGB, poverty will be reduced and employment at rural areas will be generated s
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Sughar aims to end the wrong side of tribal traditions in Pakistan like “Honor” Killing, Exchange
Empowering poor women to gain rightful access to and ownership of land, and advocating for increa
Women's Development Fund works to create a perpetual congenial environment for the women folk fro
The idea is “Strengthening Community Support System against Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
The cultural & religious norm contain the women within their homes.
The Solution is to establish educational Institutes where Student can get better and higher Studi