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I am social entrepreneur from Jhang, a backward city of Pakistan.
e-guard is small entrepreneur program. we are focusing on jobless youth.
Creating a positive counter narrative and introducing victimized women to values and hopes for th
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Many items in our daily use have become a source of environmental pollution.
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Sughar aims to end the wrong side of tribal traditions in Pakistan like “Honor” Killing, Exchange
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Paper Energy is a project of GADE Foundation to produce Ethanol (a bio fuel) by using waste tissu
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As three quarters of young Pakistani girls are not enrolled in school.
We create inexpensive, durable houses from recyclable material.
Use of alternative synthetic pathways, alternative reaction conditions (use of solvents that have
We process contaminated PET bottle flakes from all over Pakistan and use our customized, state of
The Solution is to establish educational Institutes where Student can get better and higher Studi