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Up to 25% of the homeless own pets & most place the needs of their pets ahead of their own.
To meet its long term social development needs, Nunatsiavut Government decided to build from with
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Project Public Art is a social enterprise arts organization seeking to facilitate equitable acces
Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
Des élèves de l'école participent à un événement de course à pieds: le 200 km de coeur.
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Let’s restore forgiveness to our vocabulary and to our lives.
This is a great opportunity to give honest press to these hard working organizations.
Our solution will mobilize girls and young women to create social change in our community.
Young dads will have confidence and children will grow up in a safe and enriching environment
Grassroots community drop-in centre opening with zero dollars, using volunteers, donated space, d
Hullabaloo provides a forum to empower youth through Spoken word Poetry, to connect them with a c
Our program is peer-centred and based on mutual interests, genuine connections, and authentic und
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Dream networks is a community structured around a social networking website.
We are the greenest and most socially responsible waste management service in Vancouver committed
Research, collect, compile data on existing resources for homeless in one booklet and hold educat
Grassroots community drop-in centre opening with zero dollars, using volunteers, donated space, d
Community Theatre group to bring together people from all walks of life.
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To encourage, inspire more women in the tech field through networking, training, mentoring and pa
The Salvation Army Harbour Light’s Stabilization bridges the gap after detox for clients needing
Intercultural connection through ecology, place name, digital & community mapping, experienti