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In order ensure better living conditions to future generations, Sena offers environmental and sus
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Observing that 90% of street kids that go in a shelter drop out after 2 days, Arnoud is revolutio
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Didier Ketls founded Droits Quotidiens to train social workers as legal intermediaries who simpli
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An innovative approach combining vocational training in renewable energy, enterprise and job crea
In 2013, the French cosmetics brand Sisley has decided to give a long-term support to Kisany.
TADA provides additional motivation-oriented education for children (10-14) from disadvantaged Br
Our mission is to co-create new technologic applications for a more sustainable and more inclusiv
Bednet connects long-term and chronically ill children between 6 and 18 living in Flanders with t
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We are a talent development company with two main clients, street youth and business leaders.
Since 2003, the Belgian social enterprise Kisany trains vulnerable women who have family responsi
Microsoft and Belgacom work in partnership with Child Focus to promote a fun and safe use of the