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IBAPP represents Africa's most sustainable smallholder farm model.The concept equates youth
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The goal of the Cameroon Empowerment program is to bring water access to rural areas of Cameroon.
Boost Eco bags are paper bags which will serve as a new medium of communication, for consumer bra
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The "Maize" project is a Community initiative focused on the cultivation, preservation
Le projet d’élevage des poules pondeuses vise la réduction du déficit en protéines animales des p
we are building social and solidarity economy network to boost a cooperative movment in Cameroon
Notre mission : valoriser l’engagement solidaire des salariés.
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Rural Women Development Center is an NGO which seeks to improve on the living standards of local
We provide accounting and financial training to grass root poor people
Un continuum de produits et services adaptés pour permettre aux PMEs de passer progressivement de
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Cameroonians are mad about football and it is THE national sport!
To use Tv and radio which are the most used form of the media out here to create talk shows that
Forest Gardens Campaign is a project that aims at improving on the nutritional standards of local
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Il y a 18 mois, j'ai décidé de lancer ce projet de développement afin d'investir toute mon énergi
Unemployment and poverty in Tole is driving youths to risky sexual behavior.
Training builders in the locality of Foumbot on the innovative technology of manual production of
WOHAOO is a Social Enterprise whose aim is to empower lowly educated business entrepreneurs to ga
WOSHLIN leverages on cross breeding of animals or artificial insemination of cattle with better s
Entered in UCONN SUSI 2013
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We work with rural farmers to produce high quality bee products for sale in the local and interna