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Hunger is everywhere: even is societies where there is abundance of low on nutrients food-like pr
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The rapid environmental deterioration and depletion of Guatemala's natural resources is unde
Providing at-risk Guatemalan children with the inspiration, mentoring, empathy, confidence and re
Primeros Pasos provides access to quality clinical care, health education and community outreach
The project concept came as a need for response to the growing problem of amphetamine use in Euro
Concern America has developed and is successfully implementing an integrated health care model th
Primeros Pasos (“First Steps”) is a comprehensive approach to improve healthcare in Guatemala.
In impoverished communities abroad, where the greatest need for "patient empowerment" is creating
My idea is to marry income generation and health education to offer young women real alternatives
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The Casa Jackson Center for Malnourished Infants combats malnutrition through a multiple-approach
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Pérdida de tradiciones alimenticias elevan costos en Latinoamérica, provocando migración de millo
A life-saving informational system complete with online registration and a mobile phone applicati