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Cheap and reliable diagnosis of diseases in rural areas, with lack of electricity or water, and i
RubyMoon sustainable swim & activewear donates all it's profits to women entrepreneurs i
Lightmountain aims at providing a cleaner, more efficient and cheaper way of cooking to rural par
Balloon selects exceptional volunteers to work with entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, or Ghana.
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What do women we speak to in Malawi want? They don't want hand-outs, they want choices.
Orphanage Tourism is exploiting vulnerable children.
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Construindo uma cadeia be valores com bases comunitárias para redes de pesca de nylon descartadas
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Construir una cadena de valor comunitaria para las redes de pescar de nylon descartadas, que logr
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Construire une chaîne de valeur basée sur la communauté, pour les filets de pêche en nylon abando
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Building a community-based value chain for discarded nylon fishing nets which will:
Reed Smith has established a global Social Impact Finance Group (SIFG), which undertakes both pro
We improve access to financial services for marginalized communities through a community-led appr
NAYA JEEVAN is the emerging world's first healthcare plan for the marginalized.
Supporting youth entrepreneurship in the UK.
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Ice Scream 4 Africa: a for-profit co-operative, making and selling ice cream on the streets of Ka
A unnoticeable amount for a noticeable change.
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We want to expand our jatropha test plantation to 33,000 households in Rugombo, build a plant to
Young people struggle to fund university and vocational courses because of high upfront costs and
We build rainwater harvesting systems to supply clean, free water to rural Tanzania.
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Sonas World operates in Cambodia with the aim to empower families by building sustainable bio-dyn