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El proyecto “Capellanía Escolar” de Juventud para Cristo Bolivia nace de corazones conmovidos por
EL proyecto “Mi cuerpo mi primer territorio” se origina por una de las problemáticas más comunes
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Concienciar a jóvenes varones sobre el daño que causa el ejercicio de una masculinidad irresponsa
A not-for-profit social enterprise selling alternative sustainable sanitary products in the UK an
It is hard to speak about sexual harassment in any community, especially in a closed community li
TWIST is an interactive and innovative programme that raises awareness of gender inequality in sc
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Personal Spokeswoman application is the new generation of text to speech for mobile that teach wo
Jaqi Aru engages indigenous Aymara youth in the creation of digital citizen media to promote and
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Buscamos contribuir a la construcción de caminos propios de acción colectiva de los jóvenes para
We want religious women to actualize themselves intellectually, personally and economically.
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Gender stereotypes often have a detrimental role in our society: from the scarcity of women in sc