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Je cherche à reproduire le merveilleux programme « Bibliothèque de l'imagination » dans toutes le
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It is my quest to replicate the wonderful "Imagination Library" program to all First Nation commu
The Tsleil-Waututh Child and Family Development has operated for over eight years and are committ
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Language, language, language! Who would’ve of thought that Language, a key
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CubbySpot is a mobile platform that connects parents and daycares to fill available spots easily.
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We are putting mini silent spin bikes in elementary school classrooms for self-regulation purpose
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Adaptive ice skating equipment makes it possible for children with physical disabilities to take
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We are putting mini silent exercise bikes in elementary school classrooms for self-regulation pur
The practice of mindful meditation gives children and adults the opportunity to be in the world i
This initiative would include a range of participants of different ages, fitness levels, and gend
In elementary school, children are required to participate in physical education class.
Children in class get too restless and bored.
This is an after school, evening, and holiday centre where children come to learn the skills to b
We need our kids in the community to become more active and do so in a fun and healthy manner.