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Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
To engage intermediate and secondary students in critical thinking and public speaking.
Richmond in 3D will provide anti-bullying assemblies to large groups of students using interactiv
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Breaking the Ciscentric Ceiling: Trans Employment Project aims to reduce barriers to employment f
Helping women to help themselves.
Empowering prospective and new Canadians with support, English instruction, employment & hous
We at MNML Apparel Inc.
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African Eloquence seeks to generate self-esteem, confidence and eloquence in the youth (our futur
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Safe Harbour: Respect for All offers steps to support diversity in the workplace&community vi
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Life changing opportunity to develop the essential emotional and psychological skills to be a tra
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This project is an initiative by the International Women's Rights Project, an independent NGO bas
Through the Fair Trade sales of health and wellness products Mmeka will support a global communit