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Reign & Co. is building a new fashion future.
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The GeoFashion concept is to produce fashionable eco-friendly clothing with low-waste production
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Water the essence of life. Without it there is no life.
SemiosBIO markets tools to prevent bedbug infestations.
Friends of Clayoquot Sound in Tofino will open an Eco-Centre which is designed to tell our story,
Our solution is drawing on the diverse resources and skills of our agricultural community within
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In Fall 2012 Selkirk will launch a series of garden parties to share indigenous ways of knowing b
Ddevelop an in school manufacturing business to employ work experience student to produce wooden
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CSI is here to get the EVCS installed at your local parking lot.
The Grendel Group's solutions to providing meaningful opportunities for adults with disabilities
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Structural Bamboo Composites are an innovative solution serving as construction material for the