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People running home.
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Building Pioneers makes solid houses more affordable, eco-friendly and disaster resistant in deve
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We create a business model in order to build a filter out of local materials, such as clay and us
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my Boo produces high quality bamboo bicycles together with the social NGO "Yonso Project&quo
A major problem in developing countries is not only the cost of hearing aids for hearing impaired
Virtū is a lifestyle brand born in Berlin with the purpose of disrupting the current fast fashion
Brotliebling is a social start-up from Berlin.
In many underserved communities, e.g. in Africa youth suffer from poor career prospects.
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The Regionalwert AG was founded in 2006 and conceptualised as a citizen shareholder corporation.
We are helping frustrated teenagers to discover themselves and their passion in life.
HochSpannung-Abenteuer Technik is a project for pupils where they get active and create their own
The Väternetzwerk is an awareness and communication program for fathers in companies.
We empower students to realize their potential in vocational careers by reinventing the relations
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In Germany 340.000 young people are unemployed after having left public school, even so there is
We want to cooperate with all social welfare organization torelease the disable persons from thei
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"sandbag desert design" is an intercultural design label that provides fairly waged work for poor