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The economic enabling of women, increasing their income, and raising the standard of living for t
التمكين الاقتصادى للمرأة وزيادة دخلها ورفع مستوى المعيشة للاسرة من خلال تدريبها وتشغيلها في مجال
تصنيع وحفظ الغذاء الذي يزيد عن حاجة الاستهلاك الطازج مما يؤدي إلى :
In this zero waste management project the gasified rice husk waste of the
In the 21st century indicating the arrival of knowledge economy we can however assist nature thro
Powered with UNDP award , targeting rural communities who suffer of poverty, hunger unemploymen
Thus we will produce 4 different types of Organic Foods: 1- Organic vegetables
-Increase the funds and resources and also necessary to increase the knowledge of the people of t
we are UN-multiple awards winning team based on pioneering technologies we specificaly tailored a
The x factor project is to help poor farmers in rural villages increase their income from cultiva