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If we are all part of the problem then we all need to be farmers of the solution.
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- The cultivation of Sea/Ocean species
A youth radio station concerned with empowering youth through education and life skills.
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Four Elements Environmental Scholarships have been awarded to selected school children to attend
SusCrete focuses on sustainable solutions.
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The Green Africa Directory is an online networking platform of organisations working to advance a
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Here in South Africa there are no strict law enforcement around pollution and environmental explo
It's an online environmental sustainability network of organisation in Africa and is the first of
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This idea is bound to be a succes with the general public because it is gimcky and entertaining,
Empower communities that have no access to common electricity.
It is about managing change and leadership capacity development in young people as well as commun
The Wake Cup: Soulafrica 2010 is a global movement that aims to communicate, sensitize, cooperate
The purpose of the Congretrix project in broad terms is seeking to address the harmful effects of
The AYU Green Campaign exposes young people to green jobs that are sustainable and have less nega
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Constructing a skyscraper to the moon as evolutionary leap without proper foundation will collaps