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We train uneducated vulnerable Mothers in highly deprived rural villages to run educational Play
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We are a multicultural family living in London.
Through books, apps & cartoons we tell the story of ‘Detective Dot’, an 8 year old female cod
To expand worldwide a unique educational resource for the promotion of gender and culture free ac
Every year 800,000 children under five die needlessly from a common preventable disease – diarrho
We plan on creating a new financial product called a development impact bond.
An approach that views love of oneself and others as the root of empathy.
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A commmunity education service with new, niche & savvy ideas to enable, empower & train p
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We see development in Africa a different way,
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Sweet and Simple Active Play introduces children of all ages their parents and carers to exercise
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Tutudesk UK supports The Desmond Tutu 2015 Tutudesk Campaign Centre in its ambition to provide 20
Performance Pasta promotes the effects a pasta diet has on sports performance.
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Disabled children deserve the chance to play football, keep fit and be involved in activities tha
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It is now clear to us that the loss of a twin before birth leaves a profound psychological effect
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Lively Minds empowers communiti
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An imaginative construction toy, Bildy encourages children to build and play inside the spaces th
This project will result in over 5,000 parents better able to support their children's learning i