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Innovative audio support service in a mobile platform by and for people diagnosed with diabetes.
We are a think tank of 9 people started 2013 when we got an insight of the extent of perceived lo
Access Bridge - providing appropriate solution for accessible health care wherever you are!
Though inclusive activities we inspire clients to open various leisure spaces for a equal partici
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Ask a dermatologist anonymously in any device 24/7.
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We want to build a ‘nutrition hub’, gathering Serbian experts in nutrition and public health, wor
We are about to expand our business by building 3 small wooden cabins in Scandinavian/Colorado st
We offer seniors to eat and meet with the students in the school canteen, at an affordable price.
Increasing the level of participation in activities of daily living makes it possible for elderly
OPEN is a proactive and health-oriented method for the elderly in order to enhance safety and red
It's a week filled with activities for people +65 years living i Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden.
Self-managed social activity for older adults based on geographic positioning where new technolog
Promotion of health and prevention of disease among elderly citizens through an integrated educat
Information and communication efforts in addition to activities in the immediate resident environ
Seniorchoir with teenage musicians provide intergenerational gatherings.
There is a digital divide between younger and older people in the society.