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Des élèves de l'école participent à un événement de course à pieds: le 200 km de coeur.
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Let’s restore forgiveness to our vocabulary and to our lives.
Hullabaloo provides a forum to empower youth through Spoken word Poetry, to connect them with a c
Our program is peer-centred and based on mutual interests, genuine connections, and authentic und
Intercultural connection through ecology, place name, digital & community mapping, experienti
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Life changing opportunity to develop the essential emotional and psychological skills to be a tra
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Bullying Awareness, education, intervention, prevention, and restorative practices towards increa
SMH is passionate about helping to create a World where the discussion about having mental illnes
Functional adults with mental illness speak to high school student to educate about mental illnes
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too often in kids sports; parents and coaches become overly vocal in their approach to working wi
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Promoting the Sport of Dragon Boating to visually impaired individuals as a healthy, safe and fun