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WASH United (WASH = WAter, Sanitation & Hygiene) develops interactive games that use the powe
Fighting drug abuse through the use of short Message (SMS) service on mobile.
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In Kenya currently poverty levels are pecked at 60% of the total population who live below $2.5 (
Educate Kenyan youths the effects of Passing propaganda over social media to avoid the repeat of
This project provides an educative and entertaining activities for underprivileged, vulnerable ch
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My prayers are that God opens more doors and encourages Samaritans to help assist poor girls and
"Crime si Poa" is partly a Swahili colloquial expression which means crime is not cool.
deaf legal and resource center,kenya.we are currently aiming at introducing the deaf sign languag
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Football, enterprise and entrepreneurship is fostering brighter, healthier futures for the youth
IDF is a registered NGO whose vision is a healthy, just and economically viable society.
Promoting health lifestyles through capacity building and community eduction,consultancy and rese
A leading reference organization that provides world-class Lung Health Solutions through Partners
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We make information available to persons without access of computers & internet, we translat
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An alternative to formal education that transforms adolescents in Nairobi slums by challenging th
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Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listener
In the past few years Youth have started to pierce their own body parts and tattoo themselves.