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Stormie Poodle makes new clothes for children out of discarded high-quality hotel textiles that a
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UNI YURT is the exact analogue of a real yurt - shelter of nomads.
This proposed project deals with the issues of universal accessibility which in turn provides the
“Gatans Lag is working to defeat homelessness, substance abuse, crime and social exclusion throug
Breaking the isolation among Seniors citizens
Find volocals living near you. Plan your community project online.
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Provins i a social purpose food company that increases economic security by creating employment f
Building Bridges works to improve the educational motivation and attendance of Roma children in p
Ung Omsorg (Young Care) creates bridges between generations by organizing youth on elder care hom
It was during the previous year the idea about developing a digital platform to facilitate the le
Seniorchoir with teenage musicians provide intergenerational gatherings.
There is a digital divide between younger and older people in the society.