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South Africa is enduring the world's largest HIV epidemic, with more than 5.7 million people infe
Thanda is a non-profit organisation that empowers communities to break the cycle of generational
To ensure youngsters from South African townships of a healthy future, community workers are trai
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Siyakhana Health Trust is a not-for-profit public benefit organization, established to provide he
The Speaking Book provides an innovative, effective and far-reaching solution to the issue of pat
Dementia SA is the leading provider of awareness, information, education and support services to
Recruitment of foreign qualified doctors from developed countries to address the critical shortag
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The new paradigm - make human beings nutrient replete and thus physiologically functional.
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WhizzKids United is dedicated to work for a healthy generation of South African adolescents and f
In Japan in the 1930’s a traditional East Asian treatment technique called “moxa” or “moxibustion
Futebol pela esperança (Soccer 4 Hope - S4H) visa atender à urgente necessidade de capacitar mulh
L´objectif de Soccer 4 Hope (S4H) est de répondre aux besoins urgents d´autonomisation des femmes
Soccer 4 Hope (S4H) tiene como objetivo atender la necesidad urgente de fortalecer a mujeres y ni
Footballers 4 Life is a national intervention programme conceived by retired PSL players and Matc
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After a planned holiday to take in the 2010 Soccer World Cup brought about a group of 8 friends l
Soccer 4 Hope (S4H) aims to address the urgent need to empower women and girls, build their perso
loveLife runs the country's biggest mass participation sporting event, which has football at its
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LifeLine 2010 penalty challenge is a community competition or challenge that will involve members
Our company Sibesonke provides life empowering mobile phone services over even simple phones for