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Pasand is a social enterprise that educates adolescents on personal health and wellness.
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They come in all shapes and sizes. They are confused and dazed when they come.
Trust+  is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app.
Trust+is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app.Trust + brings parents and kids toge
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Orphan & vulnerable children without parental care often live a painful life,nothing can tak
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Childdespair.com is common citizen's answer to the scourge of missing children in India.
Encouraging creative education and skill development through Art and ICT.
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The mandate of NESRC is to combine serious research with networking with field activists and rese
The Sakti Project is an income generation project empowering traditionally disenfranchised women
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Humanity Premiere League (HPL) will be a platform where the poor, underprivileged youth (both men
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In 1956, India's government passed the immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act, which called for law
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Even though slavery was abolished over a hundred years ago human trafficking remains a vast globa
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To create a software program based off of the Impulse Information Center and is innovative becaus
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a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group.
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The public health centres in villages & local hospitals should take care of the pregnant ladi
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If the pregnant ladies are noted down and properly treated, then most of the Nutrition problem wi