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The Preparing Global Leaders Institute (PGLI) is a premiere international educational program for
The project is about creating Eco & adventure tourism community enterprise in a form of a t
EdPlaKo-MK is a tool helping companies to eliminate their gender pay gap.
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African Clean Energy provides clean cooking and renewable energy through the manufacture and dist
Enlightened leadership generates development, secures peace, and lays the foundations for global
BastetNoir.com's ultimate goal is to give a helping hand to young and promising fashion talents c
Education, each one of us has the right to education, not just education, but one that can improv
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Being a candidate country to EU, Macedonia aims to harmonize its policies, laws, regulations and
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As a new Women Forum we want to change to many things related to the women life in our areas.
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In the mountains of Lesotho, the first generation to enjoy free primary education stand poised to
The program consists of seven core keys based on one’s own relationships with self, others and th
The organisation “Izlez” has a project for restoring youth empathy.
WFPA promotes nutrition and agricultural development based on local production of a ‘leaf extract
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We are a grass-root NGO using each chance to help the people in our community with ideas to make
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Riders’ Sample Transport model is an innovative motorcycle courier system reducing the time-delay