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We train uneducated vulnerable Mothers in highly deprived rural villages to run educational Play
Eco friendly Charcoal briquettes factory with Franchise opportunity for Women in rural areas.
The Good School Toolkit: Imagining beyond the limits of today to create a better tomorrow.
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In Movement brings about positive social change in disadvantaged Ugandan young people through the
In-school Empathy project using audio and video sharing of situations by children with mentorship
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We see development in Africa a different way,
Raise awareness of African conservation organisations by creating digital media within the countr
Girls Kick It aims to develop a poultry micro-enterprise, that will be manged by girls and women
APAID focuses on improving lives of people with disabilities using sport as a tool.
Provision of Non-Formal basic Education to disadvantaged children and youth in the poor urban are
Starting this year, myself with my students are organising to hold an annual music challenge , fo
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Samba project redefining playing in schools through availing affordable and quality playing mater
This project will result in over 5,000 parents better able to support their children's learning i
Uganda's conservative culture limits adolescents access to reproductive health information; as a
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Across Africa, there are hundreds of thousands of children living on the streets, disconnected fr