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The transformational approach to waste management is the proposed project by the "Waste-Undertake
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1 GAME is an advocacy and campaigning organization that seeks to ensure that every Nigerian child
Local Nigerian NGO, Physicians for Social Justice, takes healthcare services to rural dwellers; d
The Program empowers school communities to raise awareness, dispel myths and speak out against CS
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it is innovative in a way that it improves security and increase stability in a nation
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This project seeks to prioritize and mainstream global mandate, Provision(s) and initiative(s) pr
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Moms Connect provides an avenue where pregnant and nursing mothers in Nigeria can access healthca
The ókwu onu (Word of Mouth) Project is a digital program designed to help victims of domestic vi
The concept is cooking for malnourished children in Nigeria.
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I was able to identify and empower 472 vulnerable and marginalized children in Nya-nya community
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I bring to you a game called NumChess Power of 10.