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FoodNinja envision zero food waste environment by providing solutions via different channels to o
Wakati aims to change the agricultural supply chain in developing and emerging markets.
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Discover Your Talent is a yearly event organized by a team of four companies (this year’s team is
Minha iniciativa trabalha com a formulação de um efetivo neutracêutico que combina compostos alta
Mi iniciativa se encarga de la formulación de un nutricéutico eficaz, que combina componentes alt
Mon initiative s’occupe de la préparation d'un nutraceutique efficace combinant des composés haut
Dragon Social Responsibility aim to provide public awareness and direct funding for deserving cau
My initiative deals with the formulation of an effective nutraceutical combining highly nutritiou
Our program is an education program focusing on character building and a basic education.
Guidance on drug interactions for elders is a non-profit organization that helps elderly people t
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Future Fair Diamonds has the ambition to be the benchmark in terms of innovative and practical te
Cofely Services considers CSR to be of paramount importance.
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The Antwerp Port Community has published its second sustainability report, raising awareness on p