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We are an entrepreneurship platform offering inspiration and experiential learning to individuals
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Thought Collective is an ethical fashion company employing and empowering women.
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Non dairy probiotic drink produced from cereals with a lot of nutritious contents will be used as
Fertilizer made from fish remain known as waste .
Urban harvest is a farm dealing with production and distribution of tomatoes in mbeya, we are
We sell refined petrol and diesel to our customers in Tanzania.
Use Agribusiness value chains development management and finance that will contribute to mainstre
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Tomato production,Greenhouse organic tomato production is the process of producing tomatoes witho
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EGG-energy wants to make clean and safe energy services affordable and accessible to everyone.
MMA East Africa Impact Fund (the "Fund", in the pictures "MMF") supports SMEs in agricultural val
In order to grow in business and become effective & competitive, SMEs are constantly in searc
Empower community action groups is the project designed to empower the registered groups with a p