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63 percent of all women in Papua, New Guinea are illiterate.
The Pink mushroom farm and shelter aids victims of domestic violence by providing jobs, work-skil
Spark* enables emerging local changemakers in some of the poorest places on the planet.
My goal is to leverage the Earth’s most abundant renewable energy source, the sun, to make develo
The solution is Micro-shop construction Financing for SMEs through Group Lending.
Outfitting a number of rucksacks with medicines for Voluntary Health Workers and trained nurses t
Develop a mobile health information system for health care providers to unify patient data and de
To capture the reality of the violence that women face everyday and the hardships they endure in
Our idea is to form a strong lobby group to influence the Government for the rights of women and
Our simple idea is to provide the very basic general health & self help information for mothe
Using various forms of media to revive valuable storey telling art in PNG whilst encouraging a pl
Our proposed idea is to rekindle, stimulate and promote useful traditional food production &
The project reflects CIG’s commitment to the development of sustainable human livelihoods as vita
Our project helps local employment, local investment, education, conservation etc On top of all o