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By using a cleaning method without the usage of water Book-n-Wash proposes to reduce service cost
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Zero Waste: Returning Organic Waste into Nutrient Cycle through Integrated Farming is an effort t
The existing groups of backyard food gardens provided portion of household needs of nutrients, mo
Asuransi Masyarakat, Community Based Urban Poor Safety Net – empowering poor urban community to h
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We are a Community Based Organization working to empower youth through alternative education to c
"Our Architecture" delivers knowledge-based, creative education program to promote children's env
Modern day garbage or inorganic waste, contains toxic substances (ie,heavy metals, styrene, dioxi
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The land and forest are the main resources for local indigenous communities which represent their
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Hijauku.com is the first green portal in Indonesia and the biggest green network sharing green in
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Growbox is edible growing mushroom kit that you can grow anywhere and anytime.
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Indonesia Berkebun is an urban farming community networks spread in currently 27 cities & 4 c