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By using a cleaning method without the usage of water Book-n-Wash proposes to reduce service cost
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Organic and inexpensive blend that makes you preserve your garments by reducing the washing cycle
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Launch Exchange is committed to growing social enterprise in Detroit and beyond.
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Urban Nature Partners PDX empowers youth in underserved areas of Portland through matching them w
Urban Creators is a youth-­‐driven organization empowering inner city youth to transformation bli
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"Welcome To My Hood" - Are event(s) each month encouraging ALL types of art forms to come togeth
Our goal moving forward is to provide new services aimed toward youth in the diverse areas of New
Pick-A-Pepper is a elegant, user-friendly service that creates a direct market between local food
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The OriginalGreen community food project will transform food deserts into food oases by increasin
"Stock of Oxygen" it is the service that allows to people to start to collect paper in special ba
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Creating educational and professional environments that will contribute to the improvement and su
"On Being Human" addresses topics in peace, environmental, developmental, and human rights educat
Our organization, GlobeMed at the University of Michigan, partners with a grassroots health and e
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AfterDark CATV PRO is contemporary, bilingual, culturally competent, experienced, and innovative.
The Hip-Hop Word Count (HHWC) is a searchable ethnographic database built from the lyrics of over