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Women in Nepal have been cornered in almost every field, be it economic, political or academic.
Where emergency relief is needed, food aid distribution inefficiencies waste much food, leaving m
KornetCity is a conceptual model that focuses on reducing start up and operational costs for SME
Community Bazaar.org sales and promote local made, organic and environmentally friendly products.
Health at Home (HHPL) stands for healthcare service access at home simplified and standardized by
why people are thirsty before water ? we have much water , but we are not getting to drink.
Empowerment of women by our programs, goats and Micro-Financing; women determining the loans; lit
Business Incubation/Venture Hall creation for enhancement and creation of talented social entrepr
We are about to expand our business by building 3 small wooden cabins in Scandinavian/Colorado st
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The artificial glacier is a technology that helps to adapt water stressed communities in Himalaya
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