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Project CopHee is a coffee quality improvement program targeted at small to medium scale farmers
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Humanity Helping Sudan Project in partnership with Whole Foods Market will launch a revolutionary
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We are building educational ecosystem for educators who appreciate the talent of each stude
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This program will protect the environment, preserve rural culture and create economic growth for
In many underserved communities, e.g. in Africa youth suffer from poor career prospects.
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Retrak's program of Self-Help Groups for Street Children enables marginalized youth to take their
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Empact Capital is seeking to launch the Empact Growth Fund (EGF), a US$50 million private equity
fair market: equal possibilities for social initiatives, involvement of every citizen as social i
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NSF plans to address major barriers to the development of women in education, organization and fi
A 'Marshall Plan' for Ukraine which includes childcare reform, internet development, microfinance
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Charity shops are Social Entrepreneurship projects aimed to resolve employment problems of peopl
Post harvest losses (quality and quantity) of rice in Ethiopia is enormous.
East Europe Foundation convened a consortium of cross-sector stakeholders (e.g., business, NGOs a
The God created human body very skillfully, having provided for compensatory potentialities, rese