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Our mission is to enable the poor and especially the poorest to create a world without poverty.
Notre objectif est de donner aux populations les plus démunies les moyens de créer un monde sans
Nossa missão é permitir que os pobres e especialmente os mais pobres criem um mundo sem pobreza.
Nuestra misión es permitir a los pobres y, en especial a los más pobres, a crear un mundo sin pob
Our mission is to enable the poor and especially the poorest to create a world without poverty.
Yayasan Alit is helping traditional fabric makers, mothers of children who are living in poverty,
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Daughter of Klaten serves a hub of innovative craft by meeting Indonesia traditional handwoven te
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Welcome to the Fashion Village! A healthy live-work environment for apparel communities.
The Nusa Project proposes a waste management social-enterprise model that facilitates a process o
Pesawat Kertas is a volunteer project in building youth development to catch or prepare their dre
TORAJAMELO aims to solve the feminization of poverty and the disappearance of indigenous weaving
Du'Anyam economically empowers rural women, providing them with financial means to access health
printer dtg direct to garment terbai
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Dimana seharusnya belajar saham yang bagus untuk memperoleh banyak ilmu mengenai investasi saham
Bengkel APPeK is helping landless women farmer to raise their participation in local development
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Jaringan Madu Hutan Indonesia – Indonesian Forest Honey Network, bringing integrated solution to
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fishermen's livelihood depends much on catch of the day using traditional method.
Ada beragam Tempat Wisata di Malang dan sekitarnya, termasuk diantaranya adalah kota wisata Batu