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Based on observation, In Buea and Cameroon as a whole less than 10% of students between the ages
Many street youths,are involved in trafficking drugs,violence as a result of unemployment,and ill
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Inspiring the next generation of Cameroonian Creative Thinkers, Innovators, & Social Entrepre
A Christian minister, Samuel Ngnitedem left his parish to rededicate his life to the street child
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The goal of the Cameroon Empowerment program is to bring water access to rural areas of Cameroon.
The project seeks to empower young people through awareness and training to make healthy decision
POULT VAULT is an innovation platform that brings together resources to help local chicken farmer
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SAMA'S CARE LTD strives to bring HEALTHCARE to homes, and professionalize the HOME CARE sector in
Nous les membres de l association Solidarité pour les Communautés Rurales du Cameroun (Solidarité
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The Pulse project aims to build low-cost online student services platform for African universitie
The Football and Education Project is an initiative that will help young people
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The idea of this project is to organize football tournaments to empower girls to prevent HIV/AIDS
This project is to provide computer skills and training to young girls and the knowledge will be
To use Tv and radio which are the most used form of the media out here to create talk shows that
Today globally, over 2.5 billion (1 in 3) people worldwide don’t have access to a safe, clean and
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JumpStart Academy Africa identifies existing schools in Cameroon and Nigeria and partners with th
Poult Vault is a business which sells life and frozen chicken at various sizes, use poultry manu