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WANTED: on-site facility (1-room building with solar dryer, leaf mill, oil press) to process and
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Farmshare, is a service which allows us, to support smallholder farmers, share production costs i
Ghana School Farms partners with disadvantage schools and local institutions to develop community
Food for All Ghana is a group that recovers food that would have gone wasted along our food sup
A & A Farms is a social enterprise that identifies peasant guinea fowl farmers, train them, p
Paggio Company limited is a business start up in Ghana in the area of agriculture for food securi
It undisputed fact how local communities suffers from the cancer of poverty and continue to aggra
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IThe Animal Farm is a livestock investment farm for individual and small-scale livestock holders.
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VIVUS has developed a mobile-based sales system enabling a near “zero-rot” trade of food staples
To assist young Agricultural graduates with business ideas to access financial aid to start their
Africa has a lot of farm uncultivated farm lands.
This project will help low-income families buy larger quantities of higher-quality complementary
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The issue of nutrition is the issue successful farming and gardening.
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According to Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture, small farmers account for about 80% of dom
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Kulemela Investments integrates philanthropy and profit by channeling foreign investor capital to
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Our approach is to set up venture lab outposts and farms across Africa acting as sustainable agri
Farmerline is a learning and communication tool that gives on-time, precise information to small
Golden Insect farms is dedicated to commercial beekeeping for production and processing of honey