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Luz Rello is adapting the information environment that stymies effective learning for people with
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Ana Bella is shifting the focus of support programs that address gender-related violence in Spain
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Isabel Guirao uses leisure activities to promote the integration of mentally disabled young peopl
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Vicki Bernadet is bringing the issue of sexual abuse of children to the attention of Spanish soci
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Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
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Dona Kolors is a social brand of home and fashion accessories that offers training and employment
banking4humanity proposes a paradigm-shift in banking and finance, where the capital is human abi
Es un proyecto si sale para adelante la haremos organizacion sin animó lucro el proyecto platafor
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"Viaje a La Moskitia" son talleres de sensibilización para [email protected] de primaria.
La Renta Básica consiste en distribuir la riqueza del país y que el Estado
So, with our idea, which we have been able to take from a conceptualization to a beta-phase web