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Building a cooperative business through setting up of bulking centers in areas of potentially hig
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The project will develop a replicable and sustainable solution to inadequate menstrual hygiene ma
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To encourage, inspire more women in the tech field through networking, training, mentoring and pa
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Africa Young Positives is a regional network of young people living with HIV/AIDS, Its provides p
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A youth self group founded in 2007 registered with Bukedea Civil Organizations Network that uses
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Our org and community hosts simulations and contributes to the open source codebase.
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SHIP mentors by mobile phones,networks thru social media,educates, informs & engages by local
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Solar Sister empowers women with economic opportunity and access to technology.
Promoting access to land for 100 War affected women in Northern Uganda who are landless, suffered
Empowering patients in resource-poor settings requires partnership with healthcare workers who ar
MAPLE Microdevelopment has engaged in community-based participatory microfinance through microdev
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Capacity to treat obstetric fistula is 10,000 cases per year – an embarrassingly low figure consi
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Rural women groups in an organized group to showcase collaborative innovative farming projects.
Provision of Non-Formal basic Education to disadvantaged children and youth in the poor urban are
Africa is in a state of a ‘money shock,’ with no clear lines between needs, wants and dreams.
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The lives of our rural communities in Budaka District and Uganda as a whole are affected by envir