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GRAB A CUP is a nutritious, environmentally friendly packaged breakfast.
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To promote and implement sustainable agricultural practices in the district,
Our NGO transforms our communities through teaching African Classical Music and the importance of
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This project is about briquette production. A compressed biomass used as fuel.
The Green Journey project seeks to stem the rising trend of malnutrition and obesity by developin
Paggio Company limited is a business start up in Ghana in the area of agriculture for food securi
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A chain is as strong as it weakest link. We want a positive future for our children’s children.
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Please visit our site to see the depth of our team and how we have experts in many fields coming
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Visit our web sites and get involved in spreading free light around the world.
Impact Energies (IE) goal is to improve the ability of the energy-poor in Africa and Asia to access
Recycle Not a Waste reduces the mountain of plastic waste scattered all over the city of Accra to
The Ghana Bamboo Bikes addresses the quadruple problems of climate change, poverty, rural-urban m
a Fintech Firm in Ghana
Moringa Oleifera Farms and Industries Limited (MOFIL) is a hybrid for profit social enterprise wi
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Billions of dollars of medical supplies go unused in the US every year.
ISDECE will provide clients with solar energy products, installation of wind turbines and constru
Kreg Energy seeks to Empower individuals and the world's underdeveloped communities through the a
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MedPLUS Connect is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to connect underserved health systems