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Project Mushroom is a social enterprise aiming to foster and encourage farmers towards agribusine
Sinag is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving students in the Philippines the opportunit
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Construindo uma cadeia be valores com bases comunitárias para redes de pesca de nylon descartadas
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Construir una cadena de valor comunitaria para las redes de pescar de nylon descartadas, que logr
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Construire une chaîne de valeur basée sur la communauté, pour les filets de pêche en nylon abando
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Building a community-based value chain for discarded nylon fishing nets which will:
We are a micro finance credit bureau that utilizes biometric identification to provide accurate a
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Oceanic Gold is an impact investment firm that encourages and develops scalable SMEs in rural com
Provincial Government of Cotabato - Serbisyong Totoo
Secure, eco-friendly playgrounds will be built for underserved children in Bangladesh to ensure t
Batis would like to build local enabling environments that will make it possible to turn things a
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In the Philippines, 30 million poor Filipinos pay up to 20% more for goods & services than th
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Why people are leaving the agriculture sector and starting to work in other sectors?