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I have created a database for all pupils studying in primary schools, This will need to be publis
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I imagine my life as a young college graduate in Uganda.
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PCAF heals emotional wounds of victims of mass violence by training health workers and establishi
PThor-mHealth project is based on the concept of pThor which is a health management and implement
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One billion people, a sixth of the world’s population, have directly experienced torture, terrorism
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Remove small industries disadvantages resulting inSocio Economic development through utilization
Attaining the Millennium Development goals through the use of football, sharing information on he
Girls Kick It aims to develop a poultry micro-enterprise, that will be manged by girls and women
Starting this year, myself with my students are organising to hold an annual music challenge , fo
If education is always to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of
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NYAP is a social business that will provide vocational skills to out-of-school, unemployed youth
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Samba project redefining playing in schools through availing affordable and quality playing mater