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Et si vous n'achetiez qu'une seule huile pour votre alimentation et vos soins cosmétiqu
Focus: It is for promoting Biological Sciences research.Also, involved in Recognizing, Addressi
Made in Sens, c'est une touchante aventure humaine faite de rencontres entres des artistes,
Lygo est une entreprise sociale et innovante française qui crée des emplois en Afrique.
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Apiafrique développe une filière de fabrication de produits textiles innovants et réutilisables,
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Aimed at a multicultural female audience ages 18-35, The Glamourbaby Network broadcasts motivatio
Mireille Barlet, chorégraphe désire partager au grand public, le travail de la Cie Orteils de Sab
La MicroFranchise O2 Adie (LMFOA) is a social microfranchise network of independent gardeners tha
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READ Bhutan aims to empower rural communities and create conditions for rural prosperity.
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Encouraging every child's brilliance... and our own in the process!
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Chaque année, des milliers d'enfants et adolescents passent par l’hôpital en France.
A scheme that has ameliorated mini entrepreneur’s life through Group Guarantee loans and actually
We want to create a center where homeless people could come for short vacation.
Established in 2012, our organization provides free English workshops to young people using a fun
Provide a response to the unmet needs of businesses and connect youth to sustainable employment a
Simplon.co is a free 6 month programming and entrepreneurship bootcamp for underprivileged talent
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L’observation de l’évolution démographique de la Société, la recherche de solutions alternatives
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A digital learning tool proposed by FERS (a French state-approved foundation for success in schoo
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Inventive is a new solution of open innovation