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In Egypt, we produce around THREE MILLION TONS of plastic waste Yearly!
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We develop kits and build games to solve the problem of impractical and ineffective science commu
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Art Style is a sole proprietorship that was established in 2009, we specialize in producing disti
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" Rasha Art Style "is a sole proprietorship that was established in 2009, we specialize in produc
BADAWEYA empowers female Bedouin handicraft producers to build up their own business.
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The community empowerment link is about empowering communities through mobilizing the community r
Sustainability project committed to solve the blood issue in Egypt via health awareness and empow
In the 21st century indicating the arrival of knowledge economy we can however assist nature thro
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Relating the individual to place of residence which will in turn increase the family and social b
Building environmentally friendly boat(s) with minimal impact on the Nile, in the same time it al
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NILEX is the Egyptian Exchange's new market for growing medium and small companies , which offer
My idea is exclusively the use the renewable biomass waste of the waste burned/gasified rice husk
The x factor project is to help poor farmers in rural villages increase their income from cultiva
Silk carpets project is a project that saved the industry of handmade silk carpets in Egypt by re
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Our scope is to change people culture to fight against poverty by giving them opportunities to ma
Ozona project is to help poor farmers in rural villages losing their crops due to irrigation with
One-of-a-kind web 2.0 platform for women empowerment
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Teach vulnerable women the simple house cultivation of Aromatic herbs.
Promoting civc engagement amongst volunteers through providing civic engagement oppurtunities tha