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Nuestro macro proyecto consiste en crear una minoría Indígena auto sostenible.
The development of high quality fruit and vegetable crops destined for export, and its profits be
Adelante's primary mission is to empower poor women in rural areas of Honduras to start up or exp
On October 28, 1998, Honduras suffered the greatest catastrophe in the nation’s history when Hurr
La parroquia de Dulce Nombre de María abarca 4 municipalidades del departamento de Copán, Hondura
HOLA is a worldwide initiative driven by the will to provide (currently Latin America) necessary
The indigenous microenterprise recycling program is intended to develop a small cooperative among
Guaruma engages local youth through its education programs that promote environmental awareness a
El ICADE ha impulsado la creación del COHVISOL como un movimiento social cuya fuerza incidente ha
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Somos una organización que busca impulsar el desarrollo emprendedor en nuestra comunidad.