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BALI – “The Islands of the Gods” is a paradise loved by people worldwide, and once abundant fresh
Problem is the Taman Kili's peoples livelihood, among others, from the gardening, fishing and far
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High demanded of fishes put fishermen up to stunt the target fishing using cyanide.
Sharks can be saved from bowls of shark fin soup through education and awareness.
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The more developed the popular beaches and especially in the Thousand Islands that travel is some
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The Dorsal Effect aims to conserve sharks by providing alternative livelihood to exploited shark
Ada beragam Tempat Wisata di Malang dan sekitarnya, termasuk diantaranya adalah kota wisata Batu
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House of Heritage: Exploring The Hidden Charms of Indonesia Under One Roof.
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REEFine develops sustainable tourism in locally managed marine areas often overlooked by campaign